bCPAP Resources

Vayu Bubble CPAP Resources


The Vayu Global Health Foundation has developed a range of materials and resources for the Vayu bCPAP system.

  • Free online training module provides multimedia and written content on the Vayu bCPAP system  (take the course here)
  • Download our mobile app for offline video content and an RSS calculator (available for Apple and Android devices)
  • We conduct virtual office hours for one-on-one training and Q&A sessions (contact us to arrange)

How The Vayu System Works

This video is about the innovative Vayu bubble CPAP system and how the system works!

How The Vayu Blender Works

This video is about the innovative Vayu Ambient Air/Oxygen blender, one part of the Vayu bCPAP system.

How Pressure Works

This video is about how pressure is generated in the Vayu bCPAP system.