Averting Maternal Deaths

Stopping Postpartum Hemorrhage


Postpartum Hemorrhage


The number one cause of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide is postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), life threatening bleeding after childbirth.

2.8 million women die or become disabled every year worldwide from pregnancy related causes.

Vayu’s Disruptive Solution

We’ve co-developed the Every Second Matters for Mother and Babies – Uterine Balloon Tamponade (ESM-UBT) solution which can be produced and distributed for less than $10 USD.

one-time use balloons cost $400

Uterine Balloon Tamponade

Enabling Sustained Transformation

The FDA approved, ultra-low-cost ESM-UBT device has been demonstrated to save nearly every hemorrhaging woman if the device is readily available in a timely fashion.


Our long-term business model is to facilitate and approve the launch of successful regional businesses on assembly and distribution of quality ESM-UBT devices. ESM-UBT has the potential to have a large, global impact while also serving as a disruptive solution to drive down the cost of PPH treatment everywhere.



Mobile & Online Training Resources

There are several training resources available for facilities implementing the Vayu-bCPAP device including: