Disruptive, Impactful Healthcare Solutions


Vayu Global Health Innovations employs a holistic approach to innovate and implement solutions to pressing global health challenges. Our interdisciplinary team develops ultra-low-cost disruptive innovations from benchtop to bedside in order to effect long-term impact and sustained transformation.


We work with leading faculty and clinicians around the world to identify challenges and brainstorm low-cost, disruptive technological solutions together. Our engineering team develops these innovative solutions from concept to prototype in an iterative process, ultimately creating a scalable product.



Our interdisciplinary implementation team includes medical, public health, social science, and business expertise to implement new technologies in low resource settings. We work with local clinicians and champions to train and implement Vayu innovations in hospitals around the world.



Vayu Global Health Innovations works to create sustained transformation around the world by implementing feasible and locally acceptable solutions and business models with the help of global health partners and governments.


Engineering Solutions

Problem Identification

Vayu identifies persistent health challenges in low-resource settings and uses cross-cutting technology and design to adapt appropriate, scalable solutions.

Expert Input

We collaborate with clinicians on the ground at sites in India, Tanzania, and other low resource settings and incorporate their feedback through every round of rapid prototyping, with the goal of creating innovations that are not only low-cost, but also meet all of the users’ needs to provide quality care for patients.

Rapid Prototyping & Development

Our engineering team uses CAD and a suite of rapid prototyping tools to develop, test, and iterate prototypes until they are ready for the field. We use 3D printed models to produce multiple prototypes at a time, allowing our team to incorporate feedback real time and to develop solutions that can be more sustainable long-term.

Scaling Up

Our team also works with local partners to develop long-term plans for scaling up manufacturing and mass producing our solutions at affordable and accessible price points.


Holistic Process

Vayu takes a practice and locally driven approach to understanding and implementing effective innovations. This process starts with building a foundation of strong relationships with local partnership organizations to understand their needs, interests, and goals. We utilize these relationships to drive and refine our approach to innovation implementation.

Evidence-Based Implementation

Informed by systematic and scoping reviews of existing evidence, we design mixed method studies with local partners and leading global health scientists to understand the nuances to effective implementation. These studies use quantitative and qualitative methods to understand feasibility and acceptability of a new device’s introduction and implementation.

Read the evidence behind using UBT to treat postpartum hemorrhage.

Healthcare Systems Integration

We work in partnership with local champions and governments to plan and execute effective and appropriate training programing and engagement. We use a combination of online classes, mobile apps, virtual trainings, and in-person trainings to provide high quality training to ensure successful use of our disruptive innovations.

Supporting Implementation

We continue to support partners and implementation in-country through research studies with local investigators, regular trainings, online and offline resources, and more.

Sustained Transformation

Sustainable Change

Vayu Global Health Innovations collaborates with and empowers local partners in order to affect sustainable change and long-term impact.


By engaging with local clinicians, nurses, and staff, Vayu innovations are championed by these groups in their communities.


We work to establish sustainable supply chains where devices can be produced, purchased, and used at affordable levels without the need for ongoing donations and funding.

Ongoing Impact

In October 2019, the ESM-UBT device received FDA 510(K) approval. The ESM-UBT is in over 30 countries and has saved thousands of lives.


The Vayu-bCPAP has been implemented in three countries and used to treat over 200 babies as of May 2020.


On May 5th, 2020, the Vayu-bCPAP device received FDA Emergency Use Authorization has since been requested and/or to neonatologists and pediatricians at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (for Haiti), the University of Indiana (for Nigeria and Kenya), Italy (Tuscany Region), Bangladesh, India, Laos, Vietnam, Tanzania, Lakes Region of Kenya (World Bank), South Africa, Australia, and to senior midwives in the Ontario Association of Midwives in Canada.