Our Mission

Vayu Global Health Innovations is a public-benefit company devoted to creating innovations that are well-equipped to bolster global access. Vayu Global Health Innovations is committed to supporting the essential human right that all people have access to basic quality health care.

Quality Policy

Vayu Global Health Innovations is committed to providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality that comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. In order to achieve our commitment, Vayu Global Health Innovations has implemented a comprehensive Quality System based on established quality principles and sound business practices involving our products, services, customers, and employees to promote a continuous approach to quality management.

Vayu Global Health Innovations’ goal is to produce new and improved products and processes through:

  1. (1) The continuous review and modification, if necessary, of product designs and development, oversight of contract manufacturer processes, product safety, performance, reliability, and the Quality Management System itself;
  2. (2) The continuous collection, monitoring, and trending of customer feedback regarding Vayu’s products; and
  1. (3) The implementation of changes based on this information.

The implementation of this policy is based on the quality system put in place founded on:
  • ·        Customer satisfaction,
  • ·        Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements,
  • ·        Compliance with internationally recognized standards
  • ·        Staff involvement, and
  • ·        The sustainability of the company

We will achieve this by: 
  • ·        Meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations
  • ·        Continuously innovating while improving our products, processes and services
  • ·        Promoting a culture where quality is the first priority
  • ·        Maintaining effectiveness of the quality system and compliance with regulatory requirements