Breathing for Babies™

Vayu bubble
CPAP System

First high quality newborn and infant bCPAP system that does not require electricity, medical compressed air, or manual power.


Newborn and Infant Respiratory Distress

Nearly 4 million newborns and infants die every year before their first birthday. Respiratory distress is a leading cause. High quality respiratory support is needed but previous methods for providing the necessary oxygen concentrations, flow rates, pressures, and humidification are not globally accessible. 

Existing solutions are out of reach for 90% of the world

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is a effective treatment. But despite CPAP’s established safety, efficacy, and relative simplicity, existing CPAP systems are out of reach because they…

Why doesn’t the Vayu bCPAP System need electricity or medical compressed air?

COVID-19 Response Spotlight
The device provides an alternative treatment for newborns and infants undergoing CPAP using ventilators. When the Vayu bCPAP System is used, ventilators can be freed up for adult COVID-19 patients. 

A Disruptive Solution:

Accessibility Matters

The Vayu bCPAP System… 

1. Does not require electricity or medical compressed air, only pressurized oxygen

2. Is simple to use and easy to maintain

3. Costs a fraction of the price of previous CPAP systems

Quality of Care Matters

The Vayu bCPAP System… 

1. Pressurizes, humidifies, filters, and enriches breathing gases with oxygen

2. Has evidence based circuit for low imposed work of breathing

3. Has approval by local in-country regulatory bodies across the African continent

The total number of countries that the Vayu bCPAP System has been implemented in.