Averting Newborn Deaths

Blending Oxygen and Bubble CPAP


Newborn and Infant Respiratory Distress 

Every year, more than 1.3 million newborns and infants die before their first year of life.


Respiratory support is needed, but necessary oxygen concentration, flow rates, and pressure are often not available in low resource settings and worldwide.

Existing solutions are out of reach for 2/3’s of the world

The most common treatment option for ventilatory support is via a nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.  Many of the commercially available CPAP machines can’t be used because…

  • They are cost prohibitive – machines cost as much as $12,000
  • They often requires both pressurized oxygen and air. Oxygen tanks may be ubiquitous, but pressurized air is in short supply.
  • They require uninterrupted electricity and considerable maintenance

Vayu GHI’s Disruptive Alternative

We’ve developed the Vayu Bubble CPAP (Vayu-bCPAP) solution which gets around these challenges because…

  • Devices can be produced and distributed and ultra-low price points
  • The innovative oxygen air blender goes inline with tubing from an oxygen tank and does not need a compressed air tank
  • No electricity is necessary and the solution requires little maintenance

Adjustable Air / Oxygen Blender

The ultra-low-cost Vayu-bCPAP device allows for precise delivery of oxygen concentration, flow, and pressure that can dramatically improve the outcomes of newborns and infants worldwide.


In addition, the device provides an alternative treatment for newborns and infants undergoing CPAP using ventilators.  When Vayu-bCPAP is used, ventilators can be freed up for adult COVID-19 patients.  Because of this, the device has been granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization to help in the fight against COVID-19


Our long-term business model is to provide devices at cost to resource-limited regions worldwide and to compete with the CPAP markets in advanced countries. Vayu-bCPAP has the potential for large global impact.


Mobile & Online Training Resources

There are several training resources available for facilities implementing the Vayu-bCPAP device including: