Breathing for Babies™

Vayu Oxygen Blender System

First low-cost blended low flow oxygen therapy nasal cannula system for infants and children that does not require electricity or medical compressed air. 


Lack of Safe Oxygen Delivery for Infants and Children

Tens of millions of children worldwide under the age of five suffer from acute respiratory illnesses annually. Low flow oxygen therapy can be a lifesaving treatment for hypoxemic infants and children. However, these infants and children may have a life of disability if supplemental oxygen is not blended to safe concentrations.

Existing solutions are out of reach for 90% of the world

Medical air is not globally available and commercial blenders are costly and difficult to maintain. There remains an unmet need for safe and accessible low flow oxygen delivery to infants and children under five. A 2021 survey of sub-Saharan neonatal units found that 56% of neonatal units had no ability to blend air and oxygen, and only 1% had the ability to blend air and oxygen for every patient (Herrod et al., 2021). Hospitals without blending have no choice but to provide their patients with 100% oxygen.

A Disruptive Solution:

Accessibility Matters

The Vayu Oxygen Blender System… 

1. Does not require electricity or medical compressed air, only pressurized oxygen from a tank, wall source, or concentrator

2. Is simple to use and easy to maintain

3. Costs a fraction of the price of other blending solutions

Quality of Care Matters

The Vayu Oxygen Blender System… 

1. Precisely blends air and oxygen to an adjustable concentration to alleviate hypoxia while preventing damage caused by excessive oxygen

2. Delivers 0.5 – 4 LPM of flow

3. Includes multiple nasal prong sizes for patients up to 5 years old

4. Is approved by local in-country regulatory bodies 

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