Driving Global
Health Innovations

High quality, affordable engineering solutions to
transform healthcare worldwide.

Who We Are

Vayu Global Health Innovations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to helping the world’s poor and vulnerable.


Our humanitarian efforts were formerly run through the Ujenzi Charitable Trust (now the Vayu Global Health Foundation).  Both organizations fall under the leadership of Dr. Thomas F. Burke.

Accelerating Engineering Solutions for the Greater Good

Vayu collaborates with thought leaders and faculty from Harvard, MIT and the Massachusetts General Hospital to incubate quality  cost-efficient healthcare solutions that can be delivered at scale.


We’re Powered by Partnerships

Vayu is a trusted partner to government leaders, educational institutions, and global health organizations.


We’ve received awards and support from these great partners and are proud to be the first recipient of the UnitaidExplore funding for innovations to increase access to oxygen therapy.